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1. What is StraitPass?
2. What are the benefits of StraitPass?
3. Can I use StraitPASS at other toll facilities?
4. How do I get a StraitPASS account and/or StraitPASS transponder?
5. Do I need to open a separate account for each vehicle I own?
6. What is the difference between a transponder and a sticker transponder?
7. Can I use the same StraitPASS transponder in different vehicles and does it work in any type of vehicle?
8. Do I need to have a credit card to open a StraitPASS account or can I pay on a weekly/monthly basis?
9. Do I pay in advance by pre-loading my account with StraitPASS?
10. Is there a discount for using StraitPASS?
11. Are there any additional fees to use StraitPASS?
12. How does the system know which toll rate to charge me?
13. How is StraitPASS more secure than other forms of payment?
14. Is there a lane reserved for StraitPASS vehicles?
15. How soon will my account be charged after I go through the StraitPASS lane?
16. How do I install my transponder and where should it be placed in my vehicle?
17. How do I keep track of charges, obtain statements, or get information on the number of crossings and when they took place?
18. Why am I not getting a green light with my StraitPASS?
19. How do I change my credit card number and/or expiry date?
20. Who do I contact if the transponder is not working properly or needs to be repaired?
21. What happens if my StraitPASS is lost or stolen?
22. How do I cancel my StraitPASS account?